a row of photos of different small beetles


a lot of these are taken from conversations with my friend carmillatism, so please go check mech out! written 29/7/2023

Drumbot Brian:

disabilities: autism, adhd, ocd, pots, cfs, fibro, hEDS, short sightedness, tinnitus, gad
aids: service animal, cane, rollator, crutches, compression socks, stim toys/chewellery, anti-depressants, port, glasses (goggles)
extra: goes nonverbal and uses sign language (specifically BSL) to communicate frequently

Jonny d'Ville:

disabilities: autism, adhd, ptsd, otosclerosis, scoliosis, arrhythmia, scad, costochondritis, fibro, nut allergies
aids: service animal, cane, crutches, compression socks, stim toys/chewellery, epipen, hearing aid, ng tube
extra: stims with his guns safety a lot, is a carnivore and gets very sick/has flare ups when eating something that is not meat (can eat raw meat) but needs other nutrients through his ng tube, uses BSL

Ashes o'Reilly:

disabilities: autism, adhd, asthma, costochondritis, cfs, fibro, dpdr
aids: service animal, crutches, wheelchair, nasal cannula, inhaler
extra: has a lot of asthma attacks due to smoking but doesn't stop, service animal is cerberus from udad

Gunpowder Tim:

disabilities: autism, adhd, psychosis, monochromacy colourblindness, retinitis pigmentosa, cfs, fibro

aids: guide/service animal, glasses (goggles), white cane, stim toys, anti-psychotics

extra: usually has a hard time being the gunner but loves just shooting at things, even if he cant see what hes aiming for, the aurora has braille everywhere for her to read

Raphaella la Cognizi:

disabilities: autism, ocd, lupus, cfs, crohns, fibro, hEDS
aids: service animal, ng tube, cane, wheelchair, picc line, port, stim toys
extra: she gets very upset at not being able to do science on days where she can't do anything but will list her symptoms and experience to turn it into a small experiment, stims by pouring liquid between vials, spin is science (shes so carlos for that)

Marius von Raum:

disabilities: autism, adhd, cfs, hEDS, muscular dystrophy, otosclerosis, pots
aids: service animal, wheelchair, crutches, port, stim toys, hearing aid, compression socks
extra: uses BSL, is the most likely to cause flare ups by overworking his body (hes just silly okay)

Ivy Alexandria:

disabilities: autism, ocd, neuropathic pots, otosclerosis, cfs, fibro
aids: service animal, cane, rollator, crutches, hearing aids, stim toys/chewellery
extra: uses BSL, spin is books and languages, is nonverbal more often than not

Nastya Rasptina:

disabilities: autism, hypovolemic pots, vEDS, hEDS, chronic venous insufficiency, raynauds syndrome, vasculitis
aids: service animal, wheelchair, rollator, cane, ng tube, port, compression socks
extra: just stays up in the vents and talks with aurora on really bad days, body cant take solids most of the time, uses BSL but also knows RSL and DGS

The Toy Soldier:

extra: is not real, so does not have any disabilities, but does use a cane to help stay upright