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i do not tag my interests, i dont draw a lot because chronic pain and constant lack of spoons, i say slurs i can reclaim (like faggot/fag and cripple/crip), i use tonetags and need them if you are commenting something, i mainly talk about ships as i find them to be a major comfort, i am very retweet/reblog heavy, i might not interact with you if you are not my mutual, and even then might take a while to respond, i talk about jonmartin a lot

mag 200 art

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basic dni criteria, mspec lesbian/gay or supports them (you are not a lesbian/gay), proshippers or anti-anti, ships jonelias, martinpeter, or any other weird tma ships, ships jeremy/squip, makes fun of xenogenders/neopronouns, fan of dream, gnf, sapnap, or tommyinnit, edtwt, shtwt, blueycapsules fans/reese denfenders, fujoshi/fundanshi, /gen hate any of my major interests (criticism respected and encouraged), melanie martinez fans, the orion experience fans, matpat fans, kwite fans, draws or writes jon white or martin skinny, against disabled jon