a row of photos of different small beetles


a trans person who was born fem presenting but identifies as masc presenting.


a lack or complete absence of romantic attraction.


a lack or complete absence of sexual attraction.


a desire to have, or having, more than one partner.


a xenogender related to vampires, having a lack of or hunger energy and being physcially or mentally ill, darkness, and being frightening.


a xenogender meaning that the persons gender is affected by their autism, special interests, etc.


a xenogender related to the podcast 'The Magnus Archives'.


a xenogender related to the music and stories created by the band 'The Mechanisms'.


a xenogender related to the album 'High Noon Over Camelot' by The Mechanisms.


a xenogender related to bats.


a xenogender related to candy gore, or a gender that is gross yet also sweet.


a xenogender related to the horror genre.


a xenogender related to gore, guts, etc.


a xenogender related to a gender related to plague doctors, blacks and greys, lavender, cloaks, bird masks, and other plague doctor related things.


a xenogender related to body horror. The gender may be mutilated, disfigured, unnatural, related to uncontrolled transformation and/or sickening, unsettling, uncanny, off-putting, or grotesque.


a xenogender related to organs, blood, and working with them.


a xenogender related to complete and utter corruption of the body and mind, a gender that feel as though it's cannibalizing itself. a terrifying, bloody, gory gender related to corruption, cannibalism and meat.


a xenogender feels like a hungry monster entity being chained and repressed. it's related to being forced to give a simplified answer when people ask you, "what's your gender?". it also relates to wanting to tell people every single label you identify as. a monster thing eating every label as possible and then yearning to be "released".


a xenogender related to fictional body horror, gore, blood, haunted/creepy/abandoned hospitals, small villages/towns and and asylums, cop/detective aesthetics, barbed wire, dark/creepy medical aesthetics, the color gray, brown, deep red, rust, and black.


a xenogender related to a mad scientist doing morally dubious and probably unethical experiments to bring the dead back to life. it can also be related to the sci-fi horror genre, vials of glowing green liquid, re-animated corpses, the feeling of going mad, the book frankenstein, the movie re-animator, and the pride of a breakthrough in your experiments.


a xenogender related to eldritch beings, heavy gore/blood horror, horror academia, darkest academia, trauma, psychosis, hypersexuality, being non/semiverbal, appearing "human" but being anything but, thunder and heavy rain while being in a large, dim, candle-lit or lamp-lit library at night, feeling comfort with a vague feeling of panic/unease.


a xenogender related to the dark academia aesthetic, coffee-stained paper, brown ring stained mugs with little bits of coffee grounds or tea leaves in the bottom, messy desks, and leather-bound journals filled with writing.


a xenogender related to dark academia, dark libraries at night with only candles to light them, thunder outside, lovecraftian horrors + stories.


a xenogender that feels creepy and old, like a pristine music box in a dusty attic. this music box plays disjointed, sweet, evil tune, and the attic's contents, like dolls, portraits, etc., seems creepier and crueler once the music plays out.


a xenogender that feels mechanical, dark, old, streamlined, and intense. the gender might feel like it's churning, or shifting gears.


a xenogender influenced by an autistic person's special interest.


a multigender that feels like you have to replace your gender due to your gender decaying, dying or fading away.


a gender vaguely aligned with masculinity.


a xenogender related to the feeling of an autopsy.


a gender identity and/or gender expression where gendered expectations are deliberately played with to combine gender-specific signals.